19 February 2008

Pizza Treat at Pizza Hut

As we troupe in to Pizza Hut, Queensbay Mall, Penang. I notice that they have more staff, and not only that, They Have Foreign Workers! As waiters. I thought I read some where, one of the ppl in power, said Foreign Workers cannot be waiter? Or that only for Hotels?
Well with the increase in staff, at 6.30pm, well, service was like faster, but still a bit upside down, the soup arrive before the drinks. Then every thing came fast. Not bad, The staff was more relax then my previous visit and even played with my little one. (3rd Daughter) . . .
We ordered the Pizza Set on Promotion, The Golden Happiness Crown Set 1 for 2 persons, 1 Lasagna, and 1 Fettuccini Carbonara, and a Pitcher of Soft Drinks. Pizza is ok except it does not match the promotional photo, they never do, and the pineapple bits was too small.
. . Chicken Lasagna, Pass, the usual pizza hut standard. The Fettuccini, well not creamy enough, not enough sauce, the chicken tasted like the chicken in the Pizza, but after a liberal addition of cheese, salt and Tabasco, I finish it. Bread Stick, I never like them, but they are part of the set.
And the bill arrive at the table before I ask for it. Total Damage, RM70 have some change back. Generally not my cup of tea, but it a treat to Number One who love cheese and any food with cheese in it. Porridge with Cheese, Rice with Cheese etc. One day I will try to put some chili in some cheese and try that out to see if she will take it. (Number one do not eat chili).

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