3 February 2008

Unuse Buildings

Having an abandoned or a partially use building in a area in general does not reflect well to a area. I am of course refering to Comercial Buildings that are either unuse currently after opening for a short time or compleately unuse, not houses.
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If i am not mistaken, in general terms, before a Cormercial Building can be built, the developer have to get it approve by the Authorities concern. And the developer being profit orientated should look into the viability and profitability of a cormecial building if he want to get sales. .
In Seberang Prai, Penang, this area seems to be littered by unuse or even abandoned cormercial building, with even more being build (though at other locations). If there is only a few such building, one can make the assumption that that partiqular developer make a mistake in the fesibility study, but if there is a number of such building, then what assumption can one draw?
Can all the developers be too optimistic about a certain area? What were they thinking off in planning such a building here? Why did the cormercial building were / is not successful? A certain Building in area come to mind. A Hotel, with a complex podium, with the Hotel Reception is at the 8th floor, A Very steep ram to the car park, This building is long time unuse and infact Danaharta is trying to sell it. I have seen a few advertisment on this building over the years with lower price and with no takers. Not to far a way is a another shopping complex, with a hotel and a office block, it is still surviving, as it is the Offical and principal Bus Stop/depot of the area. The Office Block is empty, and unuse except for the operator offices. The Shop in the complex open and close and as i understand it, this bus depot is surpose to be move some where else in the future to ease congestion. . . In general I wonder, how things are done. If I am ask to invest money in new cormercial/ shopping complex in this area, as thing stand right now, i dont think i will do so. I may be proven wrong in the future, but i dont think i will rue the chance.

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