21 February 2008

Mini Super Bikes!

I saw this in a car accessories show room, when i went to purchase my car cd/mp3 player. At first i thought that it was a toy, i found out that it is a actual working motobike in the replica of a super bike, it actually can carry a person around. Unfortunately it cannot be lisence for the Malaysian Road, Its not cheep either. Its considered a big boy toy! Fancy driving one of this in your house?
If this are Lisence for the road, i would like to see the Mat Rempits using it, sure would solve our traffic jams and parking problems

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Penang Pocketbiker said...

This is a Pocketbike. There is a club for this. I am 1 in the club. We ride together every Sunday 4pm to 7pm in front of Puspakom in Jelutong highway. If you can't afford for a superbike, this should be a good one.