11 February 2008

D’ Concord Chicken Rice / Noodles / Porridge

Location: Jalan Lembah Permain at Tanjung Bungah Concord Area.
Not to far away from the Tg Bungah Café Chicken Rice is another Restaurant that serve Chicken Rice though with more variation and add on, much quieter coffee shop, but much more pricy.
One fine day when the Tg Bungah Café Shop is jam pack, I decided to give this place a try (after 3 years I think) Verdict; Food is good, no jam, spacious, however pricier then normal. 3 order of chicken rice (Mix), with a plate of oily vegetable, and drinks came to RM25+, however for the comfort available as compared to the other place, it is much more relaxing, and frankly speaking its worth te extra you pay.

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