25 February 2008

Nasi Lemak @ Four Leaves Café at Gama Supermarket Penang

Having a meal at a crowded Coffee Shop with a baby is no fun especially if you also have a toddler around. So this fine day, while shopping my wife say, let have lunch at the Four Leaves Café at the Supermarket, I took the option of going with the flow, so I Said ok.

Now, Four leaves is a bakery at Gama Supermarket in Penang Island. A good but pricy bakery, but my eldest is addicted to their Double Cheese Bun. They also operate a small Café at Gama Supermarket, a bit worn, pricing is ok, food is also ok.

I had their special Nasi Lemak, (good) my wife took the Fish and Chips (nothing Special), and then order another Nasi Lemak. Eldest have a Mushroom Soup (Normal) and Double Cheese Bun, Number 2 have a Sandwich, and Baby have her usual Mum Milk.

The Nasi Lemak which is their signature dish, is serve with 2 pieces of Chicken Curry, 1 piece of Potato, ½ a boil egg, slice of cucumber and fried ikan belis, Per Portion cost around RM7+, if I am not mistake, fairly reasonable price for a aircon café. So if you want to eat in aircon comfort and have a fairly good Nasi Lemak, this is the place for you.

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