2 February 2008

Government Agency Front line Service

I misplace my car grant and road tax, Rather careless of me I Know, so i have to get replacements for this two items in order for me to drive around, What suprice me is that Goverment Agency Front Line Services have improve, while Private Sector were giving me the run around. . . Step Number 1, I was told was to Make a Police Report, Time taken in Police Station including obtaining Police Report 15 min, & RM2 to purchase the report. . . Step Number 2, is to head to your finance company (Ambank In my case) to get a letter, that took a bit of time and run around for me. At the local office, the person ask me to call the State HQ, who ask me to give the Police report to the local office to fax it to them, and the letter will be ready by the 3rd day. (that is what they told me) . . Well I thought OK, let wait, on the 3rd day I was at the local office twice, and was inform “we will call you when it arrive” and after 2 pm I call the HQ and was informed, “we did not get your police report and you did not make payment yet for the letter” , they have misplace the fax! And they did not ask for payment, In the First place. So I ask the local guys to fax it again and I ask them how to make payment so I can send over the receipt with it. The local guys did not know what to do or how much to pay. That took a phone call to HQ to sort it out. . . I finally got in on the 6th day. 6 days to get a letter and RM20 as payment, 3 trips to the local office. (That from a Efficient Private Sector) . . Step Number 3, JPJ Form I obtain the form from JPJ and noted that Photostat IC & Insurance, and to get my car inspected at puspakom. Time for Puspakom = 1 hour, RM50, during lunch time! Back to JPJ, waited for que 15 min and submitted documents and Grant was ready in 15 Min, RM50 Then to the Road tax office, see the officer in charge and waited for the que of 40 numbers And within 20 min all in I was out of JPJ. . . Time taken and Money Spend . . Police Station = RM2 , 15 min Am Bank = RM20, 6 days, 3 trips Puspakom = RM 50, 1 hour, even during lunch time JPJ, Road Grant = RM50, 30 min JPJ, Road Tax = RM50, 20 min Verdict . . . Well look like that the Government Agency Front line service is getting to be more efficient then the private sector! Keep up the good work

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