20 February 2008

A Whole Black Forest Cake for RM13.80!

Eldest Daughter needed her Cheese Bun Fix of the week, so we when to the local bakery, (thank god that this bun is avaliable almost every where) which is actually the first time i have been here. Usually Mommy will be the "Bread" purchaser. After the RM128 Ice Cream Cake its a surprice that there are people and compenies out there, that are ensure that prices of things do not go out of hand. These Mini Cakes (Normal Cakes) are price at RM13.80. and are avaliable in 3 verities, one of which is Black Forest.
This Shop is located behind the Main Trunk Road (Butterworth - Ipoh) where it pass the Sungai Bakap New town. As you head to Ipoh it is on the right hand side, behind the Shell Petrol Station.
Here a picture of the shop if you need to drop by.

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