15 February 2008

Hokkian New Year

Last night was the eve of the Hokkian lang (people) New Year, and all the Hokkian lang at my Taman (Housing area) were celebrating, I and my baby girl could not sleep as the people in my Taman made a complete mockery of the No Fireworks regulation. The fireworks seems to be extra noisy. Somehow or other regardless what have been done, fireworks seem readily available during any festive period.
It started off at 10pm till after 1.10am plus, banging away on the right, on the left, in front and the back of my rented house, with the peak at midnight till 12.30am. Thank god it is only once in a while we have cultural festival that involve fireworks (6 times a year). I went to bed at 10pm but gave up and watch TV, (Dateline) and had some ice cream, of the F&N Magnolia Vanila Verity. I must that say that Magnolia tastes better then Nestle, Walls, Carrefore Brand of ice cream which I have been buying. (note, the cheaper verity of RM5 to 7 per 1.5 to 2 lt pack ) , it seem creamier and does not melt till it in your mouth, however with a “jelat” or full feeling, actually I eat less of it. Enclose are photos of some of the Fireworks taken by my SE K750i, right from my bedroom window. It has not been a smooth day today.

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