1 April 2007

Ching Ming, The Chinese All Souls Day

Ching Ming, The Chinese All Souls Day The Time of the year to visit our ancestors grave, at least for the chinese is here again. As in the Chinese custom, we have around 20 days to do so, as such those who wish to beat the rush have begin visiting their ancestors graves at various location in and around Malaysia. Unfortunately for my self, due to work (i need to work during weekends) and my daughter schooling we cannot go early but on the actual weekend it self, next sunday which is the only time i can take leave.

The Chinese believe that if our ancestors grave are well kept, the living descendants will prosper, as such it begin customary during this time of the year to offer prayers, and to spring clean our ancestors grave. Photo taken here are from the a Village Grave Yard, in the State Of Penang. Such scenes are not common, and are not witness by the City folks who have started to use crematoriums due to the lack of place.

Further it is also customary for the Entire Family, from Grand Parents to the Grand Children to visit, to burn offerings from Paper money, Paper Cars, Paper Servants, Paper Credit Cars, Paper Hand phone and many more, as such you will notice smoke in most of the pictures.

Its also a custom to go early at first light to avoid the Malaysian hot weather, especially at grave sites which presents a challenge to any camera, as it is a low light condition, with out any adjustment in settings, to add to the challenge i decided to take the photo from my car, while driving by. So please excuse the quality of the photo's you see here. It is meant as a test for "Snapshots" Photos in Low Light / High contrast situations.

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