16 April 2007

DVD Recorder

Just Purchase a New Gadget, A DVD recorder that Records on CD type DVD R / RW for under RM400, Brand Name GC , Model Number DVR 7725, comes together with a Remote, a AV cable, and a DVD RW CD.

I have been eyeing this DVD recorder for a long time due to its pricing, It seems that only Carrefore Hypermarket is the only one selling this brand, and at this price. Last month they have a special offer, and the best part even after 4 visits there were no stock at the offer price and at the normal price above RM400. Yesterday when shopping for food stuffs, there it were and at a special offer price. I just grap it, there were only 4 number in stock.

Well I have not tested out the Recording Functions yet as such, but Setting it up was quite strait forward, require some brain power to figure thing outs, but not too bad, for those who has hook up a Video Recorder (VHS, or Betamax) before should have no problem with it.

Works the same way, Just that i have to look for a Eletronic Shop on a sunday to purchase the TV cable, to enable the TV to operate normally without switching on the DVD recorder.

Now I have to get a stock of DVD RW for taping and to keep any eye on the TV channels, (No Astro for me) , will try to hook up my other DVD player to it so i can record my Marriage VCD to the DVD format, if that is possible.


jason said...

wow..i love your dvd recorder as the price is below rm400..i have search these dvd recorder at carrefour around penang but never found..maybe there are no stock anymore..can you suggest me any location where i can get these cool stuff..?

Snapshots said...

i saw it last month at penang carrefour, it a hot item always out of stock, took me 3 months to get it. Keep on trying

jason said...

so,you bought it at penang carrefour..?I have search it at Seberang jaya carrefour but never found..So,how it's work...?How about the quality of the video recording..?

Snapshots said...

yes, purchase from Pg Carrefour, DVD section, as i said it's a hot item, usually out of stock, but available at times, as for the quality, i am no expert, its good enough for me, Note, Price go up and down.... at got it at the special price, normal price above RM400 that when it usually aval, if below rM400 ppl snap it up. ;-)