12 April 2007

Firefly - The Penang Airline 2

Well what do you Know? Air Asia want to hand back the Rural Air Services in Sabah and Sarawak, currently operated by Air Asia, FAX to MAS, Firefly to operate.
In this news report in the NST today 12th April, Title: AirAsia ready to hand back rural routes to MAS, Air Asia Chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes said the move makes sense. "It does not make sense to waste resources. There should only be one turboprop operator and that should be Firefly."
Well Tony, 1) Firefly may be a Community Airline, just like the Rural Air Service, but with a big difference, It is suppose to be Penang Community Airline, Not one hundred of Miles away in Sabah and Sarawak. - All I can say is Penang wanted to be the Air Asia "Northern Hub" not too long ago. Nothing Happen.
2) "there should only be one turboprop operator", ever heard of competition? - Why don't we have only one long distance operator? That wont be fair right? for AAX
Comment: Is the Rural Air Service, to much for FAX, or Air Asia to handle? A Headache, No Profit, or is it that Air Asia Marketing Gimmick does not work in the Interior where there is limited Internet Connectivity and advertisement access and where you need ticketing agent to sell your ticket?, Well Hand it back over to the Government, and let the Government decide who should run it. Something I have learn long ago, not every thing will work the same way, things change what work here, will not work there.
Fly Firefly Fly, Big Bird is watching, You must be doing something right, You must be hurting somebody pocket.

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