23 April 2007

Nibong Tebal, Tosai

I am always looking around for good food, especially in places where i can park with out any problems. I was inform by locals that there is an exceptionally good Tosai, (Indian Pancake) available at the Nibong Tebal Railway station for breakfast some time back. My chance came recently while passing by Nibong Tebal. On the old Trunk Road in to Nibong Tebal at the Fly Over going in to the town, you will notice a small train station, (Note: As you turn left to get in to the town while comming down the fly over, it is on your right. There is no signboard ) The Tosai Stall is in the Station it self.
First Impression is that it must be exceptional to get customers in such a out of the way place. There was a table of 8 Chinese, Locals I believe. Service is Fast, our order was taken and our Plates Arrive.
The Plates is Banana Leaf, (real traditional style) and the accompaniments (see below) were, dhal curry, chutney, and by special request fish curry. The Tosai, arrive one at a time, were crispy, fluffiness and with the right amount of sourness.
As this is my second breakfast for the day, i took only one, my friends took 2 each, Every Bite was wonderful. Oh yes before I forget, You get to eat with your hands. I don't get to eat tosai every day, or even every year. It is a Rare dish to find and it is even harder to get a good tosai. Cost of 5 Tosai, with Fish Curry, 3 Hot Drinks, RM6.60 total, in a atmosphere Old Railway Station.
A real Railway station, not like the Fake Railway Station at Victoria Station. Well with the Northern Double Tracking about to begin. I strongly suggest those who want to try this tosai out, to drop by soon. Because once works begin, this tosai seller will have to move some where or will shut down.
Open for Breakfast Only.

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Firehorse said...

Don't know why but I've never developed a liking for tosai, my mum and sister loves it but I never got used to the sikit sourish taste.