26 April 2007

Macalister Road, Chicken Rice

One of my favourite meal is Chicken Rice. For me it must be steam chicken (not roasted or fried). Along Macalister Road (further away from town) next to the Grand Paradise Hotel, there is a Chicken Rice Stall that have long been a favourite of mine, however due to it's location in town is not a place i visit frequently.
Parking is easy. The Shop is not too busy and one can easily find a seat. And more importantly the Food it self. The Steam Chicken is smooth, comes with beansprouts (not common in Penang) the Rice is Fragrant and Not Oily, and the soup of the day is nice and have some substance.
Picture here are for your reference in finding out this Place. Open: Lunch Only, Give it a try if you are in town, Macalister Road, George Town.

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