14 April 2007

Jalan Terenganu, Lye Lye Food Court.

Jalan Terenganu, Lye Lye Food Court.
This food court is not to be mix up with the Lye Lye food court at Air Itam. This food court is located near Free School, Green Lane and offer a wide verity of food stall, (more then 30) and comfortable parking. It is custome build as a Food Court, with good ventilation, you can be quite comfortable here though the facilities are basic. The Toilet is usable though smelly at times.
I decided to visit this Food Court due to 2 reasons, one is because of the Tendorri Chicken and the other is the Pizza. On arrival I was disappointed, The Tendorri Chicken stall is no more. This is a problem at this place, around 25% of the food stalls keep changing hands.
We order various items as we arrive here late at around 9pm with out dinner.
BBQ Chicken Bishop Nose, My wife commented that it is tasty and sweet, BBQ perfectly.
Wan Tan Noodles dry, My order of Wan Tan with specification of extra dry and with only wantan came exactly as how I want it, Good taste, but not exceptional so.
Laksa, Good just the right amount of asam (sourness)
Koey Teow Th’ng, Good, only loose out slightly to the Pulau Tikus Market Koey Teow Th’ng with all the extra ingredients provided.
And of course the Pizza, a long wait but my daughter enjoy it, The pizza is the thin and crispy type, Malaysian style stuffing and with a good coating of cheese.
The food here is mainly good, even those stall that close after a time. This food court open from the morning, but with limited stalls. Most stalls open in the evenings and operates late. The food court will get busy at night after 9pm .

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