6 April 2007

Firefly - The Penang Airline

Well look like Penang has a airline it can call its own. I notice a Penang Travel Agency is advertising Firefly, Fly and Stay packages in The Star today. Sure look intreasting, I sure hope that Firefly glow will be glowing for a long time.
I recall a former airline using Forker 50 planes, it did not have a good reputation at that time, with much delays and so on.
I hope that Firefly is just not about sending Penangnites and Tourists that stay in Penang Hotels to Firefly destinations. Hope that it will work both ways. Will Firefly do up a Destination Penang Fly and Stay Package?
Best of Luck Firefly, may you be spreading Penang Glow & Charm in the region for many years to come.

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Yzerfontein said...

So long as the world hasn't hit peak oil these new airliners are great for those little hops from spot to spot we wouldn't otherwise do. Best of luck to Firefly Airlines - may it bring prices down for us consumers.