15 April 2007

Kek Lok Si Temple Part 3 (The Goddess of Mercy Statue)

Kek Lok Si Temple Part 3 (The Goddess of Mercy Statue)
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To get up to this area you have two choice, Taking the incline lift (on the left of the old temple) will cost per person RM4/-, 50% discount for child, Or drive up the steep road to the Goddess Statue. We choose the drive up as it would be convenient for us to go back.
Warning: Don’t take this drive lightly, it is steep and narrow with steep blind turns where only one car can pass through. Keep in 1st gear only and drive slowly with a hand on your parking breaks.
As this is my third visit, I did not have any difficulty in getting up. Again RM2/- parking fees apply per car. Up here the Main Highlight is the Goddess Statue, work to build a roof to protect it from the elements are on going.
A Carp Pool with a Pagoda type Gazebo over it, Feed the Fish Here, Fish food is available for the Souvenir Shop in small packets of RM1/- each. You are requested to recycle the plastic packet by returning the packets to the shop.
, Another Temple
The Path way to the temple is line with statues of the Chinese Horoscope Animals.
Interior view of the temple
and of course the Incline Lift Arrival Area which house another souvenir shop which is run by the temple. They claim that all profits are for the temple maintenance.
Donations are being source to upgrade the temple, to me it seems to be a never ending progress, one may purchase bricks, stones, roof tiles and you can write your name on it.
A International Temple it seems!!
and the 2 Guardian Statues at the entrance
The 2nd Guardian
Photo taken with a Camera Phone, Sony Ericsson K750i
It was a burning hot day, We consume around 6 600 ml Drinking Water, 7 cans of Soft Drinks in between 4 Adults, 1 Child and 1 Toddler. in a matter of 2 hours. I think i will time my next visit earlier or later in the day.

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