13 April 2007

New World Park revisited.

New World Park Revisited.
My father suggested that we take mum to New World Park for its disable friendly premise after our Ching Ming activities. Arriving at 12 noon it was still very quite with plenty of parking space and table. Again Friendly car park attendant / security guards were in attendant, My Mother did not have any problems in getting to the table. So did others who were using clutches. Again it was nice and breezy at the food court, thanks to its design.
No Problem in getting to the table.
First off we got some tim sum, there were only 5 types left, it’s tasty but hard but it may be due to the time as the tim sum was from early morning.
Next we tried the Oyster Omelets, we ordered the RM10 per dish, look beautiful but tasted blend, even the chilies sauce provided did not help to improve it.
My wife took the asam laksa, her current favorite, said it is not asam (sour) enough. My two kids took the Yam rice and yong tau foo.
My brother took the Curry mee, which was ok and our maid order pasembore
It must have been an off day for most of the cooks here. I did not take any thing except for ice kachang, not because of the not so tasty food but because I was too tired running around. I forgot to ask for the Durian Ice Cream to come with the ice kachang.
Well it was a quite disappointing trip for us here, we have either order the wrong items, or from the wrong stall or at the wrong time. But dont get me wrong, Food here is still much better then some other places but it was not up to our expectation on this day, the only thing is our Expectation may be a bit too high and that it was the cooks off day.
We all decided to give it a try again at another time and also to try out the original coffee shop, as we usually take our meals there formelly.
The Original Coffee Shop

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