15 April 2007

Kek Lok Si Temple Part 2 (The Pagoda)

Kek Lok Si Temple Part 2 (The Pagoda)
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To enter this area it cost RM2/- per person, including children. Entering this place will bring you to the New Temple, go in and enjoy the beauty of the temple, but remove your shoe first.
Photo of the New Temple

Interior Photo - One of the Altar

Side View of the Altar

Wall Painting
Carve Pillar (Dragon)
As mention it was a quite Sunday, I notice some Thais, and 2 Malay Muslim ladies walking about. We then when to the wishing bell, and then onwards to the Pagoda, and we climb up the steep stairs to the top to admire the view.
The Wishing Bell,
Place your donation at the Red Box, Make your Wish, Strike the Bell 3 times to annouce your wish.
Interior of Pagoda
View after your Climb up the Pagoda .
More View from the Pagoda
View of the Area

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