16 April 2007

Tanjung Bunga Market

Tanjung Bungah Market
A Market as a tourist site? Well you will never imagine it but The Tanjung Bungah Market is a tourist site for small group of Caucasian and Oriental Tourist. From time to time you will see a tour guide bring along small group of tourist into the Market.
Interior of Market
This market serve the Tanjung Bungah Residents as well as the Batu Ferringi Residents at times, and attract the Tourist coming to take a look on what is a market in Malaysia. My personal opinion is that the Street Market outside the Chowrasta Market in George Town gives a better “colour”. Here as well as the Chowrasta Market it is the outside stalls that are more interesting.

Fruit Seller

"General Store"
Build in tandem with the Tg Bungah Bus Station but did not suffer the same fate, the Tanjung Bungah Market is a busy place in the Morning. The Food Court there is well patronize thought the food is not exceptional except for the Char Koey Teow, the Chee Chong Fun, and the Soya Bean Milk. (See Lable Map, and the Char Koey Teow Post).

The unuse Bus Station is being use as a carpark especially on sundays. Note: the lights are still on at 10am in the morning. What a waste of electricity.

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