17 April 2007

Indian Market

Location: Off Penang Road, Near the State Police Headquarters.
Know among the Chinese Penangite, as the Indian Market, Penang Chowrasta Street Market is a favorite with my family as well as my wife family especially during a "Feast" Day.
Well not the Market in side, but the street market. Why is it know as Indian Market, I have no idea at all.
This place have a Local “Colour”, operates in the Morning daily blocking off 3 streets, around the market. You do not find only food stuffs here but other items including Street Food.
You can find Fried Pork Intestine Porridge, Char Koey Kak, (a dish similar to Fried Koey Teow), " Oil Fried Devil " (Direct Translation) , and the more usual items along the street, and in the Coffee Shop along the road.
This to me is a fantastic place to bring Foreign Tourist, But that is my opinion. A tourist will have a wonderfull time wondering around this 3 streets looking, taking photos of scene even a Malaysian would not find now a days.
I was snapping away with my K750i, in my “Candid Camera” mode, not wanting to be notice, to catch the “Real” live action.
For one of the Best Roast Pork In Town
For Breakfast, We stop at the corner coffee shop
For Hokkian Mee Soup
And Jawa Mee, a Chinese Style Mee Rebus

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