9 April 2007

Tanjung Bungah Burger

Not your Regular Ramli Burger
Every where you go in Malaysia, you will find your Neighborhood Ramli Burger. (Sometime I wonder how come Mc D is still around in Malaysia :-) with all this stalls).
However in Tanjong Bungah, Penang, there is a Burger Stall that is not Ramli Burger at all. Well know to Penang Hoteliers, due to it late operating hours (till midnight+) this Van burger stall which have been in operation for the past 25 years (I think), has gone through 2 Daihatsu 1000cc Vans, and is still going strong for the moment.
Operating from opposite the Copthorne Hotel that in its life have multiple names, along Jalan Sungai Kelian near the Esso Station, is one of the Unique Burger Stall in Malaysia. What is not standard are the Meat Patties (specially made), the Fried Onions / Cabbage topping place in all the Burgers, Banjoes and Hot Dogs, and Only Tomato sauce is use. If Ordering a Burger with Egg, all this are bungkus (wrapup) in the egg.
This features give the Burger here a unique taste, which I have not found anywhere else. Some may say the Burger may be a bit bland, not as tasty as Ramli, the only this is I will say is “You will not taste another burger like this”.
Don’t worry, for those who must have Mayo and Chilies sauce with their burger. Ask the Kind Uncle to add this sauce, also available is Mustard. Unique to this stall is the Onion Bun, Hotdog roll stuff with fried onions and cabbage. Just right for certain types of vegetarians.
Pricing: Premium Pricing apply, for this Hi Fiber Burger in Tanjong Bungah. Standard price from RM2.80 upwards.
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FireHorse said...

This is the best burger spot that I have ever been. Thanks for writing about it.

FireHorse said...

Hi I am back, link away, you have a really nice blog here, any help you need just ask away, not that I am very good because I oso one techno challenged individual but I can try :o)

Snapshots said...

Thank You for your Kindwords.