4 September 2007

Ayer Itam Char Koey Teow ( Kg Bahru)

This is one of those old time Char Koey Teow stalls we (my family) use to frequent, I started to have Char Koey Teow there 25 years or more ago. That when my Grand Parents still stay in Ayer Itam. After my Grand Parents move, we still have our Char Koey Teow fix there.
After I stated working (in Penang) it was a weekly affair, a 20km drive, a hours plus wait for the 2 plate of Char Koey Teow to start off my off day right. When I started working in other places it got less frequent but it was still a must every time i was in the area at the right time.
Location: Main Road to Ayer Itam, just before the roundabout where you can either go to Ayer Itam or Penang Hill, there is a Row of Shop House on your left. On one end it is anchor by May Bank and the other by this 3 story Coffee Shop, (owner is a Indian) named “Laisia” Restaurant Or some thing like that. It’s the only 3 story shop in the block. And it a corner unit. so you cant miss it. There is also a fruit stall at the side.
Parking: Horrible, I usually turn into the small lane beside the coffee shop and hope for the best, drive along the lane and turn right (if you cannot get a place earlier) along this road there will be some space but it is a longer walk.
Char Koey Teow Standard: Excellent, 90% rating, During this tasting trip, quality still there, 2 large prawns much bigger then 50cents coin, and more then 1 cm thick, however less aromatic. No pork crotons.
Time: Breakfast till Lunch
Pricing: $$, RM4 per plate with egg as against the usual price of RM2.80 a few shops away.
Waiting: Use to Take one hour plus for your Plate to arrive (9am), in fact I use to order wantan and tim sum to take the edge of my hunger pangs as well as getting a newspaper to read. Usually sold out by 1pm. Today surprisingly no waiting required, which may account for the not so aromatic plate as the Wok, may not have enough “heat” to do it’s job properly, usually the first plate is a bit off.
Note: one of the few coffee shops with this drink.
Note 2: The Mee Mamak at this coffee shop, is also one of the top mee mamak in penang, Lunch & tea time only.

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