16 September 2007

Burma Lane Mee Mamak

Burma Lane Mee Mamak has been consistently getting very good review on it product, As it has been ages i decided to drop by to have a late lunch at 3pm.
Location: Burma Lane, Off Burma Road at Pulau Tikus, (Just after the Police Station) in a Corner Coffee Shop.
View of Coffee Shop from Burma Lane.
Parking: Park along Burma Lane, should be able to get a car park there.
The Food: $$, Cost RM4 per standard portion, Pricy for Penang Standard.
Taste: A Bit Blend to My taste, to me a disappointment, I seem to recall that it was much better, only thing is there were more squid then normally found.
Service: Fast and efficient.
The Stall.
I also had the Wantan Soup here, The Stall is at the road side, That help to overcome my disappointment as the Wantan were meaty and big, large portion for only RM2.50 per portion.

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