4 September 2007

Nibong Tebal Tourism Sites and Contact Numbers

This is a Public Service announcement,
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I notice that a good number of hit to my blog were looking for Nibong Tebal Firefly or Sungai Kelian Firefly, so I decided to do a bit of research on this subject. This lead me to a flyer from what is know as the Seberang Prai Eco-Tourism Development Council, which highlighted among others, the Nibong Tebal Railway Station Tosai I have blog about, the firefly of Sungai Kelian, Octopus catching, a 100 year old wooden church, among others.
Now, I have snap a photo of their Map and it is in this post further down. I have not been to this places yet, (maybe soon) nor do I verify that these activities mention here are safe.
Firstly, Nibong Tebal is the South most Town of Penang State, and is accessible via the North South Highway via Jawi Toll.
Secondly, surprisingly you will have a choice of a First Class Hotel to stay here if you wish. Bukit Jawi Golf Resort have 66 international rooms and 2 penthouse, 36 hole golf course (the largest in Penang), the largest swimming pool in Seberang Prai, Penang Mainland, a extensive sport facilities like squash, badminton hall, and the Largest fully aircon Ballroom in Seberang Prai.
Thirdly Contact in formation listed on the flyer are
Bukit Jawi Golf Resort, 04 – 5820759
Seri Jawi Inn 04 – 5822280
Seberang Prai Eco-Tourism Development Council ppesps@gmail.com which is also the contact for Telok Ipil Home Stay.
The List of Tourist Sites and Activities as listed on the Flyer are (note: The Flyer is mostly in Mandarin, I do not speak or write mandarin so I will only give you the English parts which is basically the title.) Please match my number to the ones in the photo.
1) Kwong Hock Keong Temple
2) Hong San See Temple
3) Pasar Lam Natokgong Temple
4) Heritage House
5) More then 100 year old (wooden) church
6) St Anthony Church
7) Sri Sanglang Recreation Park
8) Antique Railway Bridge 9) Taman Hibong Tebal Jaya Night Market, Sunday 6pm till 11pm
10) Changkat Vegetable Farm
11) Hutan Lipor
12) 99 Door Mansion
13) Octopus Catching
14) Firefly Watching
15) Byram Fishing Paradise
19) Sg Udang Market Places
20) Cockle
21) Fish Cage Farm
This flyer concentrate only on the Nibong Tebal area of the Seberang Prai Area. I will make attempts to visit this place and take their photos.



As I understand there is a annual water festival “The Sungai Kerian Festival” is held in this area hosted in turns by Kedah, Perak & Penang as this is the place where the three state meet.


jack1981 said...

I always want to promote tourism in penang... hope you can post more photos and details here...

Snapshots said...

Jack1891, me too, check out my @ Penang & Malaysia at www.penangandmalaysia.blogsppot.com web site or at my side bar

this will be my promoting penang and Malaysia blog and will take time and money for me to visit all of them

Shenbha Sha said...

The phone number you wrote for Seri Jawi Inn is the wrong number. It's the number of a factory. The number for Seri Jawi Inn is not listed in 103 either. The number given in other sites is 04 582500 which is NOT in service anymore. Someone please help in providing us with the right number please. Please put a rush on this.

Snapshots said...

My post is in 2008, now is 2012, well Seri Jawi Inn is no more , Bukit Jawi Golf is still around