2 September 2007

Nibong Tebal Day Market

Continuing the "Day Market" Series of Blog post, The Nibong Tebal Day Market, {a town in Seberang Prai Selatan, (Penang State Main Land South) which have the distinction of being the south most town of Penang} is located not in the town center but located in a housing estate near other housing estates along the road to the Changkat village. This make sense as the market is located where most of people are staying. Thus for their convenience and sparing the town center from a traffic jam. .
The Market is split into 4 separate sections, Mainly the Wet Section, The Dry Section, Pork Section and The Hawkers complex. There is no shaded walkway between the sections.
The Wet section is where you will get your greens, fish, chicken, and other wet stuffs. A closer view of the Wet Market area, set up in typical market style. A view of the Dry Good area, The Household, dry items, etc are found here View from the other end of the Block.

The Hawker center, which to me is a disappointment, set up half hazard, no seating, no stalls, no organization at all. Urg I will not eat here again. and the Fly's, which is understandable as due to the number of Animal Farms in the area. The Food, well let just say I do not wish to comment but there is one item which is outstanding.

The Pork Section. For Fresh Pork. Well what unique here? Roast pork is good, Picture of RM5/- portion.
The Chye Koey, done fresh right infront of you. In My opinion better then Sg Bakap.
A Chinese delicacy which i have not seen before, starchy
And "Dry Honey cubes" at least what i call them. Mix them with water you get a honey drink.

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