6 September 2007

Kuih 101- Lesson 2

Kuih Tepong Bungkus
Flour, Santan, Sugar (Stuffing, Grated Coconuts. Brown Sugar) wrapped in Banana Leaf
The Open Kuih
The Kuih cut in Half
Kuih Sri Muka, Kuih Sri Kaya
Variation : available in Green or Yellow in other places
Cooking : Steam or Steam then Bake for a Burnt Look
Pulut Rice as bottom layer, Flour, Santan, Sugar top layer.
Kuih Tepong Talam
(look a bit like the top kuih)
difference in the bottom laver do not contain whole pulut rice
Santan, Flour, Sugar, Salt
This Kuih is a double layer kuich, one is sweet the other is salty
Kuih Sri Ayu
Sugar, Flour
Kuih Odeh Oden
Pulut (Rice) Flour, (Stuffing: Grated Coconut, Green Nuts)

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