1 September 2007

Sungai Bakap "Malay" Pasar Malam

A "Malay" Pasar Malam is like any other pasar malam, with more verity of Malay items, Here at Sungai Bakap, this malay Pasar Malam is located on the south end of the town near the Hospital near Malay Villages, as such this Pasar Malam caters mainly for malays and their needs. However there are a number of non malays shopping and selling their wares.
Below are Snapshots of Various Stalls

The Entrance of the Pasar Malam is a Motocycle Park.
Fresh Chicken for Sale
Assorted Fishes for Sale at the Pasar Malam
Dry Seafood items, such as salted fish, belachan (Dry shrimp paste) which is use for flavoring, which Malaysian find in fragrant, which some tourist say is smell like unwash socks!
Various types of Salted Fish that is on sale here
Decorative Item Shop
Native Rattan ware
Pickle Fruits
Fried chicken (Of Various Parts)
More Fried Chicken (KFC type)
And More Fried Chicken again with Ayam Percik
Mutabak Stall, Roti canai with a egg, vegetable and meat filling usually serve with pickle onions
The same stall from Another Angle
Close up of the Pan
Putu Mayum an Indian Snacks made from rice flour and steam
The Putu Mayum & its steamer
Close up of the Putu Mayum, the green ones are flavoured by Pandan, the white are the normal ones, Normally eated with brown suger and grated coconut.
Fruit Stall, The Red fruits are rambutan, further away on the table are Chempedak, and on the road are the Famous Durians which taste of custurd but to certain person smells of unwash socks.
Ayam Percik or Grill Spicy Chicken (Lemongrass flavour)
A Ice Cream Stick maker?
Cucur Udang, various fried items serve with a peanut sauce dip

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