7 September 2007

Murtabak, A Malaysian Food of Indian origin

A Malaysian Food of Indian origin, Murtabak is a one dish meal that is not so popularly consumed by malaysian, but is easily found in any shop that serve roti canai. It is a one dish meal eaten for lunch or dinner. .
Basically Murtabak can be call a Stuffed Roti Canai. It’s filling are made from vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and others, eggs, and meat (chicken, beef or mutton) or some times sardine, heavenly flavored with curry, wrapped up in a roti canai, which is then pan fried. .
The Filling is first cook, and the Roti Canai is stretch out, and the cook filling is then place in the middle. The Roti Canai is then folded over the filling and the whole parcel is then put in the griddle for the final cooking. Murtabak is usually served with a side dish of curry sauce and pickle onions.
Preparing the Dough
Shaping the Dough and Buttering it
Leaving it to Rest Spreading the Dough
The Dough, from bottom In the proportions dough, The spread out dough, the flatten balls of dough
The Filling being cooked in advance, portion for 6 persons
placing the filling in on to the dough
Wrapping it up
placing the wrap up murtabak on the griddle
The Cook Murtabak
Pickle Onions, a must with murtabak.

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