6 September 2007

Kuih 101

Kuih, Malay for Cakes, in this case meaning traditional or modern malay cakes, which are eaten as a snack, or dessert for all meal times. This Kuih are a cottage industry made by Makchik Makchik, (Aunty's) to supplement their income and are traditionally sold in Coffee Shops, Shacks and Stalls.


Now this kuih are serve in 5 Star Hotels to lowly coffee shacks along the road side.


The Nonya Baba Community have their own version of this kuih call nonya kuih. This Kuih is being industries and produce in big factories but with a "loss" in term of taste, but a "improvement" in hygiene. This will (hopefully) be the first in a series of Malay Kuih blog.

Kuih Bengkang Bakar

Santan (Coconut Milk), Flour, Sugar

Kuih Bengkang Kemboja (Combodian)

Santan (Coconut Milk), Pandan, Flour, Sugar, Sesame Seed

Malaysian version of the Puff Pastry

Cucur Badak

Potato, Flour, (Stuffing : Grated Coconut, Chillie, others)

To give a idea of the inside of the Kuih Badak, I took a bite

Kuih Lepat Pisang

Banana, Santan, Flour, Sugar wrapped in Banana Leaf and Steam

The Open Kuih Lepat Pisang

Kuih Lopis

Pulut (Rice) flour, grated coconut, with a Brown Suger Dip

Malaysian version of Cream Caramel

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