16 September 2007

Chicken Rice @ Sg Bakap

Chicken Rice on the Penang Mainland is about the same as on the Island. While passing through Sungai Bakap New Town during lunch time I decided to stop by for lunch at this coffee shop which is next to a Chinese School.
Location: Off the Main Trunk Road, Next to a Chinese School, 2nd Row of Shop House, is this 99 Gamelan Coffee Shop that have a pretty good chicken rice.
Parking: Big Parking Lot JUST IN FRONT.
The Food: Pretty Good Chicken Rice, Rice not Oily, Fair Size portion of chicken, no complains, only the gravy was a thicken soya sauce grave that i did not like, Chille was the green chillie version made from small green chillie.
Pricing: $ RM3.00 for a standard portion. Slightly Higher.

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