1 September 2007

KOMTAR Chicken Rice

Name of Restaurant : Seventy Five Café
Location: KOMTAR, Prangin Mall, Atrium B
Type of Food : Chicken Rice (Keat Sing Coffee Shop Chicken Rice offshoot)
Category: Coffee Shop
Price : $, Coffee Shop price
Parking : KOMTAR, & Prangin Mall Car Park
Time : Lunch
Note : Non Halal
This café feature Keat Sing Coffee Shop chicken rice, Keat Sing was the Coffee Shop of Penang, (its still there) famous for its penang food and of course chicken rice.
Back to this Seventy Five Café, Located at Atrium B, of Prangin Mall, cannot remember which floor, but its not non the Ground, first or Top floor. It is a typical penang coffee shop located in the Mall. Catering more towards local, it feature a typical verity of penang food. What special about Keat Sing Chicken Rice? The smoothness of the Chicken and its chillie sauce. At Seventy Five Café this Keat Sing Chicken Rice offshoot live up to its name. This order came with roast pork and charsiew.
Best for lunch.
This coffee shop prepare their own herbal and soya milk drink.


Firehorse said...

Sigh when I was back recently, I searched high and low for chicken rice (my fav food of all time), sadly returning without even tasting one good one. Now that my dad is not longer with us, I am so lost....dunno where to go for good sar hor fun, yee mein, chicken rice, etc...anymore :o(
When I feel homesick I owes come here, keep blogging.

Snapshots said...

Firehourse, when you come back to penang, tell the bloggers staying in penang what food you miss, i think we all should help out those in need of a Penang food "fix" by either giveing you direction or even taking you there.

bye, snapshots........