2 September 2007

Nasi Ayam Melayu

Malay Chicken Rice
Ever had Malay Style Chicken Rice? The Main difference from Chinese Style chicken rice is that they offer one type of Chicken which is Fried Chicken, with Chicken & Margarine Favoured Rice, with a Herbal (Soto) soup and chillie sauce which come directly out of the bottle. Thai Style Chillie sauce which is usually sweet.



Usually found in stalls all over malaysia, but there are even a chain of Nasi Ayam Melayu in Penang call Misai Nasi Ayam or Mustache Chicken Rice. I had Lunch in the Juru outlet a year back with a friend.
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A notable difference is that the chicken serve is usually dryish to those serve in the chinese outlet. This is one of the many "Chinese" dish that the Malay customise to suite their likeing and to their taste. Give is a try you may find that you like it.

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