13 September 2007

Registering a Birth

Well with my new baby, I have to go to the National Registration Department at the Federal Building Penang to get my baby registered to get her birthcert and her MYKID. Having some experience here I did not anticipate a long wait.

Well I was right, all it took me was just 35min to register and to get the birthcert, the MYKID will take about a month. Very Polite Staff, nice place to wait, well lay out.

I must say that the National Registration Department, must be one of the most efficient and customer orientated government department we have. Must be due to the two 100% change over of Identity Card we have gone through.

Well Thank to the Nurse at the Hospital in briefing me on what i must take along as well in how to fill in the form (provided at the hospital ward), the Neonatal Book, My IC and my Wife IC, my marriage cert, it was a breeze. The only grip about it is at the Building lobby, there were no one to guide a person who is not familiar with the building or which department to go to for which job.

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