7 September 2007

Sungai Bakap Koey Teow Thng

Koey Teow Th'ng is flat rice noodles, serve in a broth with various ingredients topping it off. Some places offer Fish balls, other the spare parts of pork and the Ipoh version use Chicken and Tiger Prawns. . . If you are in the area, Sungai Bakap have a pretty good Koey Teow Thng, (with pork spare parts). Location, As from the North heading south, at the cross road in Sungai Bakap turn left, proceed 100meters plus till you see the sundry shop on the Right. The Koey Teow Thng is in the shop opposite, in a kampong house.
Price : RM2.50 per bowl standard upwards.
It is a simple shop that only sell Koey Teow Thng with the rice noodles and other type of noodles with olden Aluminium tables and chairs.

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