6 September 2007

More Information on Nibong Tebal Tourism Sites

Talking to a few locals gave me some further information on the following items
a. Octopus Catching :
Price: cost RM88 per person
Maximum: 10 persons to a boat.
Recommendation: During Low Tide Only
Departure Time : 4pm
Return Time: 9pm
b. Firefly (Nibong Tebal Firefly)
Price: cost RM12 per person
Maximum: 15 persons to a boat.
Recommendation: Departure Time
Departure Time : 8pm
Return Time: Approx One Hour
c. Kwong Hock Keong Temple (Number 1 on Map)
It seems that "there is a tortoise statue at the Temple that people go there to touch for Luck" and that "Locals traditionally go to this temple for prayers on the 29th or 30th Day after Chinese New Year".
I will have to give this temple a visit to give that tortoise a good rub as it seem that there is much that I have to improve in that department.

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