5 September 2007

Malaysian Banking Service?

Went to bank in some money to the seller of a Auction (Lelong), (watch for Number One Daughter,) as I was near the Bank (a Malaysisan bank @Kg Bahru, Ayer Itam, Penang,) I hop in and …….
1. The friendly counter guy when for lunch, with out a relieve, so I help my self to the queue number and the form, as did other people.
2. Climb up the stairs to the banking hall (minimum seating area) and waited, my number was 1162, they were serving 1152, with 5 counters open, Time 1pm. Waited and was served at 1.30pm. Friendly chap,
Question A. some branch say commission must be bank in and deducted while some don’t?
Question B. 10 queue numbers took 30 min, ie 3 min per person, that is with one counter open, With 5 counters that work out to 15 min per counter per person serve. Wow!
Question C. Why are banking hall up stairs now a days? Certainly not wheelchair, disable, or elderly friendly. Those chap making noise that Rapid Penang is not Disable friendly, Please note.
A certain some one studying in Taiwan is wrong, certain parts of the public sector also work slowly with many breaks just like the …..
Thank god for a newspaper, I manage to finish the entire Sun paper, and that no one was waiting for me.

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